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With most web hosting packages you will receive a certain number of email accounts or boxes.
Even if you do not have a site yet, you can still secure a domain name and use the
domain name for your email by having an email only account with the host company.

Domain-based email addresses for you and your employees provide a professionalism that
is not present with free email accounts such as Yahoo or AOL.

Once you’ve chosen your email addresses and set them up with your
domain’s hosting company, you will need to add them to an email program
such as Microsoft Outlook in order to check and organize your email.

Follow the steps below to add an account to Outlook.
Launch Outlook Select “Tools” from the Menu bar.
Select “Email Accounts” from the Tools menu.
The Email Accounts Wizard will appear.
Under the Email heading, select “Add a new email account.” Click “Next.” Select server type.
In most instances you will use a POP3 connection.
If you are adding a Hotmail or similar account, you will want to use an HTTP connection.
Click “Next.” Enter e-mail settings.
Fill in: Your Name –
use your full name and use title case (e.g. Jane Doe) as this is how your name will appear when others receive your email Email Address User Name (the full email address – the one you setup in your cPanel)
Password (established when you set up the mail box with your hosting company)

Incoming mail server (ex: – this is the mail server address
for your hosting company where you will be checking your mail

Outgoing mail server (ex: – this is the mail server address
for your hosting company where you will be sending your mail from
(Note: You must be connected to the Internet to perform this test.)
Click the “Test Account Settings.”

You may need to adjust some more of your settings.
To do so, click “More Settings.” After settings are correct, click “Next.”

Note: Some outgoing servers, like ours, require authentication.
To activate this setting: Click “More Settings” Go to the “Outgoing Server” tab Check the box next to “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
In most cases select “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” radio button. Click “OK.”
Also make sure that your reply address is filled in exactly the same as your email address.

Congratulations screen will appear.
You have successfully entered the required account information.
Click “Finish” to exit the email wizard.
To add more email address to Outlook, repeat these steps.

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